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The idea of a globalized world, and migration is something inevitable.
Discovering that you have the right to another nationality gives you new opportunities, opens up horizons. Our job is to rescue its origins.

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Portuguese nationality

Who can claim Portuguese Nationality?


The Son, the Grandson and in some cases the great-grandson


The Spouse and the one who lives in a Stable Union,


The descendant of a Sephardic Jew, as long as he proves with a work of Genealogy to have a Sephardic Jew as an ancestor in his line of descent.

Italian nationality

Italian nationality

We work with Judicial Process in Rome to apply for Italian Citizenship: You and your family in the same process!

The Italian Nationality, unlike the Portuguese Nationality, does not require a maximum degree of descent to claim citizenship by the Jus sanguinis.

Italian Consulates are overcrowded with procedures and those who file their application at the Consulate you can wait from 5 to 10 years.

As for carrying out the procedure administratively in Italy, you will need to rent a property for 3 months and stay there less than 45 days.

If you have ascendant of other nationalities in the European Union, other than Portugal and Italy. Write on the specific form. You must highlight the details for our review, without obligation.



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