The team

Let's say that the best team is the most passionate about what they do, is the one that goes beyond the limits trying to get the practical result expected by the group and so desired by the client. It is the one that weighs and executes everything with the greatest probability, according to the laws, but always seeking to obtain a positive result.

Life and professional experience guide the best teams. The combination of experts and renowned professionals is a de facto requirement. Being passionate and stubborn about the result is a fundamental quality, but always within a safe level in view of the possibilities. Knowing what is possible or not, comes with a relevance that reflects the honesty of not only closing contracts, but informing and informing well. Say what you can and cannot do, be ethical, honest.

This is our team, working within the possibilities given and guided by each legislation, extremely up-to-date and always in contact with those who examine administrative and judicial processes. We reduce errors and maximize successes, enabling a rate of practically zero rejections. That's how we came, and we started 14 years ago and today we exalt ourselves of the path that has been carried out and that we are carrying out, which has already made it possible for hundreds or perhaps thousands of people to have a new Nationality, as well as to become regularized in their respective member countries of the European Union. .

This is our team. Get to know us a little more.

Thank you in advance for your choice.


CEO of Instituto EuropaOnline

Portuguese lawyer registered with the Portuguese Bar Association under No. OA 62346L, Master's Degree in Political Legal Sciences by Universidade Portucalense UPT, Porto, Portugal 2019.1. Postgraduate Degree in Civil Liability from the 1st class of EMERJ/UNESA, 2001.2. He has 21 years of experience working in the field of litigation and consulting. Founder of the Brazilian Institute of Civil Liability – IBRC. He was a member of the 1st State Commission for Amnesty and Tortured of the Dictatorship – as a Representative of the OAB / RJ. Collaborator of the Human Rights Commission at OAB / RJ between 2002 and 2005. Between 2001 and 2005 he was a legal assistant at the State Secretariat for Justice and Human Rights – SEJUDH. In 2006, he was Professor at UFRJ at the Modelo and Introduction to Procedural Law Office, approved in a public examination as second place. And at UERJ, in 2007, he was Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, teaching Administrative Law classes. He wrote Legal Articles on European Law and International Organizations. Miembro Asociado de la Asociación Europea de Abogados – AEA, today, he is a Founding Associate and President of INAD – Instituto Nacional de Advocacia. CEO of Instituto EuropaOnline. He has 14 years of experience working with European Nationalities.


Director of Portuguese Processes at Instituto EuropaOnline

Portuguese lawyer registered under number OA 3292P, was a lawyer at Águas de Carvalhelhos, in Portugal. He has 14 years of experience working with Portuguese Nationality and Portuguese Civil Registry Regularization by Salgado Martins Advogados and Instituto EuropaOnline. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Itu – São Paulo in 1975, he was a lawyer at the Cargo Transport Companies Union in São Paulo. He was a lawyer for the Rio de Janeiro Navy's Complementary Body, and a lawyer for Caixa Económica Federal in São Paulo. He was a legal advisor at the Assessoria Empresas Transportes de Carga office in São Paulo. He was a lawyer at the Trade Union of Itu – SP and at the Ituana Social Assistance Foundation in São Paulo.


Diretora Executiva do
Instituto EuropaOnline

Lawyer, Postgraduate in Civil Procedure and Civil Law at UNESA-RJ, 2019. For 5 years working with Private International Law, developing procedures regarding European Nationalities, analysis and management of national and foreign documents, Judicial and administrative correction of Brazilian Certificates and European. Documentary research management in Brazil and Europe. In 2013, she took a course in Conciliation and Mediation at ESAJ-TJRJ, acting as Conciliator of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro until 2014. In 2015 she worked in the area of Criminal Investigation at the Public Prosecutor's Office of Rio de Janeiro. She is an Associate Lawyer at Salgado Martins Advogados Associados and Executive Coordinator of the Instituto Nacional de Advocacia – INAD. Registered at OAB-RJ under number 210,402 since 2016.


Director of Genealogy and Historian at Instituto EuropaOnline

Genealogist, Member of the Brazilian College of Genealogy, with extensive experience in genealogical research and document search and certificate research. Author of articles in the area, CAVALCANTE JUNIOR A.C. Descendants of Branca Dias branch Inez Fernandes-from Portugal to Rio de Janeiro. Genealogical Brazil - Journal of the Brazilian College of Genealogy, Rio de Janeiro, Volume VI n°1. 89-101. 2020. CAVALCANTE JUNIOR A. C, NUNES, L, 2021, Genealogia Cearense a Study of the Descent of Antônio Vaz de Aguiar‒son of Nicácio de Aguiar Silva ‒2nd part. Genealogical Brazil - Journal of the Brazilian College of Genealogy Rio de Janeiro, in Prelo 2021, specialist in Northeastern Genealogy and Sephardic Jews. Master from the Fluminense Federal University, Doctor from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Bio-Mar.

Our addresses

Rio de Janeiro

Edificio Lana, Av. Franklin Roosevelt, 23, Sala 1105 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20021-120


Rua de Santo António de Lisboa, n.23 - 1 E Venda Nova, CEP 2700-743 Amadora, Lisboa, Portugal.