Understand why there is Great Chance that you have a Sephardic Jew as an ancestor

11 de June de 2021

Well, in one of the posts, I narrated what was said by the President of the Portuguese Parliament while listening to a Genealogist about the changes in the nationality law, with regard specifically to Sephardic Jews.

She claims that in Brazil there are MILLIONS of Sephardic Jewish descendants, which would be eligible for the PORTUGUESE NATIONALITY.

Let's go and analyze! See that in its 10th GENERATION we have already covered 300 years and we have 1024 ancestors. In other words, we have a significant amount of ascendants, which from their parents onwards, grows in geometric progression, if we disregard marriages between relatives. The parents are two, the grandparents are already four, the great-grandparents, 8 in number, and the great-great-grandparents (or third-grandparents) are 16.

It is a geometric progression of ratio 2 that starts with two and is expressed, in each generation of ascendants, as a power of 2. Thus, the number of great-grandparents, who are sixteen, is represented by 2 to the fourth power. When you get to your ninth grandparents, they are already 1024 (2 to the 10 power).

Fast forward to the 21st generation, SEE IN TABLE - HERITAGE, in this geometric progression we have 2,097,152 ancestors, let's see that for this we will have to go back to 630 years ago at our birth. This explains the amount said by the Portuguese Parliamentarian, who was thinking, exposing with concern if all the “MILLIONS” of Brazilians eligible for Sephardic nationality would decide to ask at the same time.

This is because in the last amendment to the nationality law that gave rise to Organic Law 2/2020, part of the parliamentarians wanted to place as a requirement the effective connection with the Portuguese community as a way to restrict the requests of the descendants of JEWS SEFARDITAS, which ended up not being approved and the text went on without restrictions.

And who is able to locate the Sephardic Jew?

Well, this is the thorough work of the Genealogist who uses personal databases, goes to parishes, physical and virtual archives, an arduous task to go back, sometimes, 1000 years before his birth in his genealogy research.

Thus, our multidisciplinary team has Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish, Italian, GENEALOGISTS and Brazilian and European historians who are able to help you in the long-awaited European Citizenship.

To find out how the GENEALOGY FOR SEPARDITE JEW and the nationality process, please contact us at Whatsapp +351 911 859 195.

We are waiting for you!

By Rodrigo Salgado Martins
CEO Instituto EuropaOnline
OA 62346 L