Can Doctors Work in Europe Revalidating Their Diplomas?

10 de June de 2021

Revalidation of Diplomas in European countries.

Contracting of Doctors at full steam.

In recent days, several countries in Europe have opened hiring doctors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In view of this, facilitations for the revalidation of diplomas are taking place, allowing doctors to carry out their work in those countries

To get an idea, Spain, as well as other European countries, are facilitating the approval of medical diplomas.

See below how the procedure works: The Diploma Revalidation process in Spain allows your Brazilian university degree to be recognized in the country, making the step of searching for a placement in the Spanish labor market through your profession, much easier.

The first step towards the revalidation of your medical degree in Spain is the opening of the application process at the Spanish Ministry of Education, a step that can be carried out at any time of the year. To start the process, it will be necessary to present the following documentation:

  • Completion of the approval request form;
  • Original and certified copy of Spanish passport or identity document;
  • Original and certified copy of the Brazilian medical diploma legalized and translated sworn into Spanish; (Espanha Fácil has offices in Brazil and Spain to carry out these administrative tasks.)
  • Original and copy of the academic record that contains the subjects taken as well as their respective course loads, duly legalized and translated sworn into Spanish;
  • Proof of fee payment;
  • Certificate of knowledge of Spanish Level B2, issued by the Instituto Cervantes (DELE) or other official language teaching institutes in Spain.
  • Program content that includes the subjects studied as well as a description of the content studied in each subject, duly legalized and translated sworn into Spanish;

What is it like to be a doctor in Spain?

Health in Spain ranks 19th on the Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI) among one of the best in Europe.

On the other hand, the country has 2.9% deficit in the desired number of physicians. The Public Health System lacks 4,000 specialist doctors.

According to the Spanish Ministry of Health today 50% of doctors in the country are over 50 years old, which means that retirement will soon arrive. Also according to the data released today, 138,797,000 specialist doctors work for a population of 46 million inhabitants.

Health in Spain

According to a survey by Bloomberg, Spain is the healthiest country in Europe. The country has the highest life expectancy in the entire European Union and provides excellent primary care in health centers with family doctors.

Spain is expected by 2040 to have the longest lifespan in Europe at almost 86 years. For these facts, data from the European Observatory of Health Systems and Policies of 2018, Spain managed to reduce in the last decade the deaths from cancer and also the number of cases of cardiovascular diseases.

Thus, it can be said that good health in Spain is due to healthy eating habits. The Mediterranean diet, based on extra virgin olive oil, nuts, fish, olives, has a low fat content, making Spaniards healthier and with less cardiovascular problems.

Doctor's salary in Spain

Above all, it is important to say that the salary of a doctor in Spain in the public health system is on average €53 thousand per year (gross). About 4,417.00 euros per month. Some doctors combine work in the public and private systems.

However, specialist doctors with years of experience earn 65,000 euros a year. Currently, Spain has been recruiting Portuguese doctors to work in the country – especially in Galicia.

The salaries offered to Portuguese doctors are 4,393.00 euros per month (gross), almost double what doctors earn in Portugal (average salaries).

Can a Brazilian doctor work in Spain?

Yes, you can, as long as you validate your Brazilian diploma in Spain. Currently, 9.4% of doctors in the country are foreigners. The great advantage of working in Spain as a doctor for professionals coming from South America is that in two years they can apply for Spanish nationality.

After the approval of the title, the next step consists of taking the exam MIR (Médico Residente Interno), proof required by the Spanish Ministry of Health to start a career in the profession. It is important to note that the MIR preparatory course can be carried out either in person or at a distance, and the average term of the preparatory course is 17 months.

The MIR exam takes place annually in January. After completing the necessary steps to obtain a position as a doctor in Spain, meet the need for a valid residence or work visa and remain legally in the country with España Fácil to assist you in the necessary procedures.

You can count on us to COMPLETE ADVISORY both for Revalidation, or homologation of higher education as well as assistance for work and residence visas, both for Spain, as well as for Ireland, New Zealand, England, Germany, among others. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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By Rodrigo Salgado Martins

CEO Instituto EuropaOnline

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