We work with Judicial Process in Rome to apply for Italian Citizenship: You and your family in the same process!
The Italian Nationality, unlike the Portuguese Nationality, does not require a maximum degree of descent to claim citizenship by the Jus sanguinis.

Italian Consulates are overcrowded with procedures and those who file their application at the Consulate you can wait from 5 to 10 years.

As for carrying out the procedure administratively in Italy, you will need to rent a property for 3 months and stay there less than 45 days.

Residence establishment is required, which will be verified by the “Vigilli”, Municipal inspector who will verify the regularity of the Rental Agreement, taxes and effective residence.

This situation generates a much higher financial cost post include ticket, rental of the property, cost of stay and even assistance for conducting the procedure.

You always need the birth certificate of the Italian, together with the documents of the descendants up to you! These documents must be in Italian, so Brazilians or those of another nationality are translated and handouts.

There are basically three ways to start the Italian Nationality procedure, which will influence the time and cost of the procedure. To know:

at the consulate: Because there is a super accumulation of procedures, the consulate is effectively not one of the best options, the deadlines for completion vary from 6 to 12 years, which worsened with the issue of the Pandemic.

Through Administrative in Italy: The term is also influenced by the pandemic and all applicants must go to Italy and rent a property for 3 months. There, establishing residence, and will be visited for around 45 days by the "vigilli", municipal inspector who checks if the lease agreement really exists and the effective permanence of the applicants.

NOTE: Because of this, including ticket, stay, and in addition to personal expenses, even without a trained professional, the values are around R$50,000.00. That's why we don't do the administrative procedure.

Judicial Process in Rome: It's what we work with, why? Less cost, you don't need to go to Italy, other family descendants of the same Italian can join, see the highlights below.

court case in Rome

With this process more than one family member can join and do jus the same sentence and because it is judicial, the procedure is not interrupted by the Pandemic.




2. You can join with several family members, including sharing the expense;


3. You do not need to go to Italy as the Lawyers will work with the Power of Attorney ad judicia, given that there will be no hearing, which does not require the appearance of the party;


4. Usually the process time is 18 months on average.

We have an extensive team of Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian lawyers. As well as historians in Brazil and Europe and with a genealogist who carries out the work of Genealogy for Italian, if necessary.

And the procedure itself, how is it?

  • We do a preliminary analysis of the documents and check the family members who will apply together;
  • We verify divergences in names or dates that need to be rectified;
  • And then we pass the budget according to what is necessary for the client's procedure;
  • With the acceptance of the budget, we make the Contract, Power of Attorney and send the Check list of documents for follow-up. In all the documental phase we help;
  • With the folder ready and organized in the office in Rio de Janeiro, we then forwarded it to our office in Italy to file the initial petition, protocol in the Court of Rome and follow-up until sentence. After that, we register with the competent Comune.

Diga seu caso para podermos analisar. Explique e descreva as informações que possui e envie seus documentos para o nosso email
[email protected]

Search for Italian certificates and genealogy

A Certificate Search in Italy it is necessary when the applicants do not have such a document and essential for the beginning of the work. The search in Italy is done by a Studio of Investigation with whom we work, being certain that the Birth Certificate of the Italian is the main document for the application of the Italian Nationality.

already the GENEALOGY, it is necessary when applicants know almost no information, hence the intervention of a Genealogist who will make the applicant's Family Tree is extremely necessary in order to discover their ascendants up to Italian. Locating the respective birth certificates of the ascendants, thus enabling the application and the process of Italian nationality.

If you have ascendant of other nationalities in the European Union, other than Portugal and Italy. Write on the specific form. You must highlight the details for our review, without obligation.

Common questions

Do I need to go to Italy to apply for Italian Nationality?

No. Once you have hired our services, we are Lawyers, and we will work with the power of attorney ad judicia, being a judicial process in Italy, where there will be no hearing, it does not require the applicants to be present.

Therefore, the applicants will await in Brazil the sentence granting Italian nationality.


How long does it take, more or less, for this legal proceeding to take place in Italy?

The processing time is on average 18 months.

As for errors in Certificates, how will we know if Rectification is necessary or not?

Well, if there are errors, those that change the substance, complete change of name, change of dates, these must be rectified.

However, errors that can be seen and recognized as "material errors", as a rule, there is no need to rectify. Therefore, this decision will in fact rest with the judge, with the judge. But we have a sense of what can pass or what has to be rectified.

In other cases such as a change of name, for example from “Giuseppe” to “Josépe”, we see that there was an adaptation of the name in Italian to Portuguese. If this is the only difference, we follow the suit arguing the appropriateness of the name, which has been accepted.

Is Dr. Rodrigo Salgado in Rome, Italy? Or in Lisbon? Or in Brazil?

Dr. Rodrigo Salgado is the company's CEO, and in this regard, if necessary, he will be in Italy, Lisbon, or Rio de Janeiro. However, we have people who carry out the process, Lawyers both in Lisbon and in Italy. It is certain that, as a Portuguese lawyer, Dr. Rodrigo can practice throughout the European Union and participates in the Italian process as a lawyer, as well as in Lisbon.

How can Genealogy to find Italian help me?

When the Client is sure that the family came from Italy, but does not have documents, we suggest the work of the genealogist, who will make the family tree, indicating the location of the respective certificates of the ancestors to the Italian.

What are the advantages of the Judicial Process in Rome over other procedures?

Well, the procedure done at the Consulate takes a long time, as a rule, from 6 to 12 years to complete. The administrative procedure, on the other hand, is very expensive, since it will cost the Customer, the ticket, the stay of 3 months, personal expenses in 3 months, and even the value of a provider in case of hiring. Only the ticket and the stay far outweigh the value of the Judicial Process. As well as, within the legal process, in the case of more family members, the value greatly reduces, dividing the value by all.

I don't have any Certificates, but I know that my ancestors, before my great-grandfather, came from Italy. Do you help me?

Yes, however we will need to fill in a form, and Certificates of the first ancestors. What the Client has will be submitted for analysis.

Depending on the amount of information, we will suggest the Historian Certificate Search, or the Genealogy work, remembering that we have a genealogist on our team.

As for costs, how is the budget done?

Well, the budget is divided into the part of fees for the services provided in relation to the Judicial Process itself, consulting in general, organization of the folder, and other tasks to enable the lawsuit in order to have the original judgment.

The Certificates and their formalities, sworn translation and apostille belong to the client, however, we have partners who carry out the survey of Certificates, Rectifications, translation, Apostille etc. Since the value is the one they passed on, we don't charge anything more. We only do this so that the Client does not have work and leaves the bureaucracy to us.

Thus, the fees for services have to be paid. Each service has a value and is informed in advance. If in the course of the procedural process there is any requirement, the Lawyer will act with zeal to comply, if you have to practice a Rectification, for example, it is a new service, with value in a separate item.